Wave Coin

Waves  Everything You Need to Know

Code : WAVES

Type : Wave Token

Category : Smart Contract Platform

About Wave

Wave is a native currency of the wave blockchain. Wave enables developers to build apps onto the blockchain and take various actions using the smart contracts.

Company Founders & Team Behind


Sasha Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov - is that the founder and director of the Waves platform. Sasha Ivanov, the first exchange Coinomat.com it is the first token is the CoinoUSD, and it is the first index of the cryptocurrencies Cooleindex.com in order to create a blockchain venture Cryptoasset fund.

Key Features

Type Of Token

Wave, A Native Token Of Wave Blockchain

Total Supply

No Limit On Total Supply.

Mined/ Minted

Wave Can Be Mined


How does Wave coin work?

Waves is an all-encompassing gateway blockchain protocol Advancing Technological Frontiers of nowadays for the pioneering builders of tomorrow.The Waves blockchain consensus is finished thru the Leased Proof Of Stake (LPoS) algorithm.Investors can Leverage their crypto by staking or leasing it.Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) is an Enhanced Type of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, the Waves blockchain uses to achieve a distributed consensus and secure the network. Waves-NG is a technology that allows you to increase the throughput of blockchain systems and the Speed Of Block Creation.

Security Protocol

The waves blockchain has been built as a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. According to this model, the more tokens a Waves node holds staked on the network as collateral, the more likely it is to generate the next block and receiving the associated transaction costs. 

Operating Speed

No matter what the size of the block is selected, the blockchain system, and the best way to achieve a successful transaction, the throughput is increasing from ~3 transactions per second to ~7 transactions per second.

This is, by far, the most of 30,000 transactions per second, which is necessary in order to be able to compete with the existing equipment, such as VISA transactions. 

Governance Protocol

The features proposed for implementation have to appeal to miners in order to ensure they are passed. 

  • In the case of Bitcoin, decentralization, there will be a range of implications for governance.
  • And it's not always easy to ensure that a particular feature has been enabled.
  • Different miners for-value on different things. 
  • In addition, a long-term strategy and success, while others are looking for short-term benefits.

Real World Use

Multi-Purpose Blockchain Platform

Support a variety of use cases including DApps & smart contracts. 

Customized Crypto-Tokens

Allow users to create & launch customized crypto-tokens that are non-refundable

Trading Of Crypto Tokens

Trading of crypto tokens, without the need for global smart-contract programming. 

Creating And Managing

Created & managed through scripts that are to be carried out in the public accounts of the user

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