Chiliz Token

What Is Chiliz

Code : CHZ

Type : ERC-20 Token

Category : Sports Token

About Chiliz

Chiliz is one of the biggest blockchains for esports and gaming crowdfunding. Officially launched in 2019,, the idea, and platform for Chiliz, debuted in 2016. Chiliz is a platform designed to allow fans to support their favourite sports teams with blockchain-based collaborations.

The purpose of the platform is to allow fans to purchase token voting rights for the teams they support. The football club Juventus was the first to launch a team token via the website. Since then, more than a hundred different teams have joined the stage. Chiliz has attracted the attention of competitors from a wide range of sports including football, basketball, and esports teams.

Company Founders & Team Behind


Alexandre Dreyfus

Key Features

Type Of Token

CHZ Is An ERC-20 Token

Total Supply


Mined/ Minted

Chiliz Token Can Be Minted


How Does Chiliz Work?

Chiliz allows fans to get Direct Votes in their favourite sports organizations. It is available because of the scalable, Blockchain-Based Fan Token utility infrastructure and secure location of token voting rights executed by smart contracts on the platform. 

To assure veracity, the Chiliz crew comes up with their Ethereum (ETH) blockchain case. is a platform that hosts each crew, league, recreation title, or every other agency that connects to the platform.  Chiliz is predicated on a proof-of-authority (POA) Sidechain consensus mechanism to make sure blockchain security.  The gadget additionally Guarantees Transparency due to the fact POA's POA Sidechain may be publicly auditable. 

Security Protocol

Chiliz is based on the Ethereum protocol; it is an ERC-20 Token so it has the same features as that of Ethereum for eg the operating speed. Chiliz relies on a proof-of-authority (POA) side chain consensus mechanism for Blockchain Security. (Unlike proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS), POA relies on the reputation of already established verifiers for the creation of new blocks.

To make the transaction processing as fast as possible, the PoA consensus relies on a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) algorithm with detection as a stake.  It is more cost-effective than PoW's consent in terms of power and computing power consumption.

Operating Speed

 The operating speed of chiliz is average block time 5 seconds. 

Governance Protocol

Chiliz token provides some Rights to the holders.

  • Holding Chiliz token empowers with Voting Rights. 
  • The audience and players can vote through their tokens.
  • It allows changing or enhancing the designs or prints of the jersey.
  • It allows Purchasing Fan Tokens by sports fans

Real World Use

Chiliz allows athletes and sports teams to connect with their dedicated audiences in a way never before possible. In addition, the Chiliz platform adds a new dimension to the fan experience with the introduction of crypto and blockchain that enable clubs to turn a profit using new revenue streams.

Also, Chiliz offers Fans a completely unique manner to assist their team or club. With community incentives, VIP experiences and fan opinions, the platform provides a unique interactive experience for sports fans. This enables fans to contribute towards their favourite team. In addition, fans earn rewards by voting and are therefore encouraged to do so. It is a unique method for galvanizing support around a team and allows fans to feel part of the team they support.

In addition, Chiliz is indirectly exposing a long list of football fans to cryptocurrency. Even if some fraction of fans using Chiliz platform scratch beyond the surface, it could be a major catalyst for large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency.


Team’s home jersey and away jersey


The final product or design.

Decision Making

 For their favourite team.


Which brings the fans and passive consumers near to the team.

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