Blockchain Consensus 

Blockchain Consensus 

Consensus is a dynamic technique to obtain consensus within a group. While voting is just a majority rule without thinking about the sentiments and welfare of the minority, on the other hand, there is a consensus that ensures that there is an agreement that may be of value to the complete group. A group of individuals throughout the world may utilize consensus to build a more equitable and fairer society. A consensus can be achieved. The "consensus mechanism" is one technique by which consensus decision-making is achieved.

Objectives Of A Consensus Mechanism

Seeking Agreement

The group should get agreement as feasible using a consensus method.


All participants should work together to accomplish a result that is in the group's greatest interest.


Not all members should focus on themselves and work more as a team than individuals.


A consensus group should be as equal as feasible. Egalitarian. In essence, what this means is that each vote has the same weighting. The vote of one person cannot be more important than the vote of another person.


The consensus technique should allow everybody to engage actively in the entire process.

Bitcoin Utilizes Consensus Evidence (PoW).

 A node must execute a costly calculation in order to arrive at a valid hash value for the block before a new block can be added to the chain. All other nodes that receive the block may then rapidly check if it is indeed a legitimate block. Therefore, a valid block is proof of the requisite work done by the node submitted.

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